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Digital Libraries Initiative Phase 1 and Phase 2 Findings

Phase one of NSF's Digital Libraries Initiative funded six projects, of which two were related to the humanities or social sciences. One was updated 15 January 2005, while the other was last updated in 1998.

  • Carnegie Mellon's Informedia Digital Media Library (last updated 15 January 2005), a project working to "achieve machine understanding of video and film media, including all aspects of search, retrieval, visualization and summarization in both contemporaneous and archival content collections"
  • The University of Michigan's Intelligent Agents for Information Location
    (last updated 24 January 1998 according to page source of current projects; link now goes to the UM Digital Library project); the digital library project is "creating an infrastructure for rendering library services over a digital network"

Phase two funded 36 projects, of which 18 were related to the humanities or social sciences. Three of these projects were updated in 2005, six were updated in 2004, two were updated in 2002, one in 2001, and 7 had no indication of their last update.

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