May 26, 2006

Check-In Procedures for CBEN Summer Academy

Each student will be assigned a laboratory drawing containing most of the equipment needed for the entire year's program of experiments and exercises. CBEN is financially responsible for the equipment in those drawers and will be charged for missing and damaged items. Please refer to the Equipment Responsibility Form. You will be required to read and sign this sheet before check-in. You are also required to read and sign the sheet of Safety Rules. At check-in time you will also be given a short safety quiz in which you will be asked to locate the safety equipment in the laboratory.

You will receive a card listing your drawer number assignment and lock combination as well as a list of equipment that should be present in your assigned drawer. You should go to your drawer, make sure you understand how to operate the combination lock (the teaching assistants will assist you if you have difficulties with the lock), and then check to ensure that all of the equipment on the sheet is present in the drawer and in good condition. Any broken, cracked or chipped glassware should be replaced. Replacement items are available in the teaching stockroom located in room BH 276 on the same floor as the laboratory. You will not be charged for replacement items obtained as part of the check-in procedure.

The equipment items that should be in the drawer include:

1 25-mL buret

4 glass stirring rods

1 25 x 200 mm test tube

1 25 x 150 mm test tube

1 16 x 160 mm test tube

1 10-mL graduated cylinder

1 thermometer with case

1 10-mL pipette

1 25-mL pipette

3 filter crucibles

4 weighing bottles

1 solid-#4 rubber stopper

1 onr-hole-#4 rubber stopper

1 two-hole-#4 rubber stopper

1 crucible holder

1 plastic "T" tube

1 ruler/stopper gauge

1 pinchcock clamp

1 Hoffman clamp

1 test tube holder

1 forceps

1 wire gauze

1 pair of tongs

1 porcelain spatula

1 stainless steel spatula

3 75-mm watch glasses

3 90-mm watch glasses

3 100-mm watch glasses

3 50-mL beaker

1 100-mL beaker

1 150-mL beaker

3 250-mL beaker

2 400-mL beaker

1 600-mL beaker

1 45-mm funnel

2 65-mm funnels

1 8 oz. bottle

1 16 oz. bottle

2 250-mL glass bottles

1 500-mL clear glass bottle

1 250-mL amber glass bottle

1 500-mL filter flask

1 plastic wash bottle

1 wide mouth bottle

1 desiccator

1 desiccator plate

6 125-mL Erlenmeyer flasks

2 250-mL Erlenmeyer flasks

1 500-mL Erlenmeyer flasks

2 feet of rubber tubing

1 rubber bulb

3 dropping bottles

1 100-mL graduated cylinder

1 100-mL volumetric flask

1 250-mL volumetric flask

2 pairs safety glasses (1 pair per student, not in drawers initially, to be assigned during check-in)



Once you have checked all the equipment in the drawer, you will sign the card and return it to your teaching assistant who will also initial it to indicate that you have completed the check-in procedure.

Upon completion of this you may proceed to one of the Owlnet computer laboratories (BH 212 or BH 214) where I will assign you a printing password for your temporary Owlnet account. CBEN will be charged a minimal fee for each copy you print on the Owlnet printer.