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Spring semester 2016 timetable of meetings, project milestones, and assignment due dates

Please consult this timetable frequently so that you do not miss a scheduled meeting or assignment due date. In addition, check the timetable for project milestones to be completed. To avoid a time crunch later in the semester, try to keep on or ahead of schedule.

NOTE: The shading that separates each set of entries does not print. Hard copies of the timetable will be passed out in class.

Dates, times, locations  
Section 001 Section 002 Time Location Meetings, expectations, assignments
Mon Mar 7 Tues Mar 8 1-2 pm MEL 254 (Mar 7); WSC 146 (Mar 8)

Introductory meeting [MEL refers to the Mechanical Laboratory building and WSC refers to Wiess College]

Mon Mar 7 Tues Mar 8 2-3 and 3-4 pm ABL 141 Lab tour and session on media preparation – session assigned by team
Weds Mar 9 Thurs Mar 10 1-5 pm ABL 141 Project 1: Teams prepare R2A and TS agar plates
Project 1: Training session on aseptic technique, serial dilutions and spreading plates
Mon Mar 14 Tues Mar 15 1-5 pm ABL 141

Project 1: Process water samples

Project 1: Gram stain training
Weds Mar 16 Thurs Mar 17 1-5 pm ABL 141 Project 1: Begin to "rescue" and characterize isolates
Project 1: Microscopy review and training
Fri Mar 18 Fri Mar 18 midnight N.A.

First performance evaluation (Tests & Quizzes, Owl-Space)

Mon Mar 21 Tues Mar 22

1-2 pm

MEL 254 (Mar 21); WSC 146 (Mar 22)

Project 2: Presentation on microbiological examination of water
Weds Mar 23 Thurs Mar 24 1 pm N.A. Project 1: Gram stain results & wet mount observations should be recorded for all isolates, and anaerobic incubations under way; teams check out Bergey's Manuals (deposit required)
1-4 pm ABL 141 Project 1: Team/instructor progress meetings
1-5 pm ABL 141 Project 2: Prepare and sterilize materials, to be ready for Monday Mar 28
Mon Mar 28 Tues Mar 29

1-2 pm

MEL 254 (Mar 28); WSC 146 (Mar 29)

Project 2: Presentation on preparing effective posters
2-4 pm ABL 141 Project 2: Process water samples
Weds Mar 30 Thurs Mar 31 N.A. N.A. Project 1: Relationship to oxygen determined for all isolates); continue characterization, lab work to be completed on or before Apr 22

Project 2: Report results from tests for thermotolerant coliforms (EC tubes) and for presumptive tests for total coliforms, begin confirmed tests as early as possible (Monday Apr 4 if necessary); NOTE: Mar 31 is the first day of the midterm recess; only one team member or designated individual needs to come in to check the tubes for growth and gas

Mon Apr 4 Tues Apr 5 midnight N.A.

Second performance evaluation (Tests & Quizzes, Owl-Space)

Complete Bergey's "lookup" exercise (Tests & Quizzes, Owl-Space)
Report results from confirmed tests (section 2 may need to follow up negative results on Monday)
Weds Apr 6 Thurs Apr 7 self scheduled ABL 141 Project 1: Team/instructor meetings
Mon Apr 11 Tues Apr 12 midnight N.A. Project 2: Poster draft or outline in Drop Box (Owl-Space)
Mon Apr 18 Tues Apr 19 8 am N.A. Project 2: Pdf of team poster in Drop Box (Owl-Space)
1-5 pm ABL 329 Project 2: Poster interviews (scheduled individually)
Fri Apr 22 Fri Apr 22 midnight N.A. Final performance evaluation (Tests & Quizzes, Owl-Space)
Fri Apr 22 or upon completion of all lab work Fri Apr 22 or upon completion of all lab work 3 pm IN box, ABL 327 Lab notebook copy pages w/table of contents
Fri Apr 29 Fri Apr 29 midnight N.A. Characterization paper in individual Drop Box (Owl-Space)

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