Lab Protocol

Table of Contents

Micropipette Exercise
Visualization of Cells
Contamination Exercise
pH and Color of Media
Practice Sterile Technique
Tips for Sterile Technique and Cell Manipulation
Feeding Cells
Cell Passage
Determination of Cell Concentration
Hemocytometer Instructions
Use of Coulter Counter
Routine Cell Counting
Fibronectin Attachment Assay
MTT Viability Test
Instructions for Using the Genesys 10UV and 20 Spectrophometers
Live/Dead Fluorescence Assay
Nikon Fluorescence Microscope
Zeiss Fluorescence Microscope
Quantitative Cell Attachment Assay
Anti-PCNA Staining
Cell Proliferation Assay
Transfection of GFP into CHO Cells

Assistance in protocol development from Rachael Schmedlen and Andi Gobin is acknowledged.