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How do I sign up for the  workshop?
Contact the person who is the coordinator in your college or e-mail. For Rice University
Email :

How much does the workshop cost?
 Adults: $ 375

Seniors (65 years and older) and full time Students: $ 200

 Please note : All teachers and organsizers involved are volunteers and do not get paid. All proceeds go into supporting the worldwide service projects supported by Art of Living Foundation.

What other activities do you offer after the workshop ?
There is a number of activities to choose from. Additional information about ongoing local and global activities and projects can be obtained from the organizers.

How does the workshop differ from other University Courses and Seminars?
The workshop is based both on theoretical understanding and practical tools that can immediately be put to use with implications for all aspects of the individual with direct, longlasting and tangible results.

What happens after I graduate from university?
There are many different options, activities, projects and workshops that you can participate in to continue on with your journey and make a difference in the world! Contact us and we will tell you all about them!

How will the workshop benefit my professional and personal life after university?
The skills and tools that you acquire last for a lifetime! Under the topic "Participant Quotes", you will find experiences that the students have shared after completing the workshop as to how it affected their lives.

I do martial arts; do the exercises in the workshop contradict my martial arts practice?
There are absolutely no contradictions. You will gain increased awareness in the body and the mind that will only benefit all of your physical and mental activities.