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Advances in Tissue Engineering 2020 - 28th Annual Short Course - August 12 through 15, 2020

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Rice University
Department of Bioengineering - MS142
P.O. Box 1892
Houston, Texas 77005
tel: 713-348-4204, fax: 713-348-4244

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Rice University
Department of Bioengineering - MS142
BioScience Research Collaborative
6500 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77030

Welcome to the homepage
of the Mikos Research Group at Rice University!

Our laboratory specializes in biomaterials, drug delivery, gene therapy, and tissue engineering. It emphasizes the use of synthetic biodegradable polymers as:

  • supportive scaffolds for cells

  • conduits for guided tissue growth

  • specific substrates for targeted cell adhesion

  • stimulants for a desired cellular response

  • carriers for controlled drug delivery

  • non-viral vectors for gene therapy

Our current projects include:

  • investigating bone regeneration and repair using a biodegradable polymer scaffold, either by inducing post-implantation bone tissue growth or by seeding the scaffold with bone cells prior to implantation

  • developing new rapid prototyping processing methods for manufacturing three-dimensional biodegradable polymer scaffolds of anatomical shapes with precise architecture

  • fabricating injectable, in situ polymerizable, biodegradable composite scaffolds as carriers for bone and cartilage cells to improve the quality of tissue formed in localized areas after injury

  • developing new flow perfusion bioreactors and examining the effects of mechanical forces and flow on three-dimensional cultures of bone cells and the production of extracellular matrix

  • synthesizing new biomimetic materials that exhibit the mechanical responsiveness and biochemical processing capabilities of living cells and tissues

  • investigating the controlled release of growth factors from polymeric scaffolds to induce regeneration cascades in bone and cartilage

  • fabricating novel nanocomposites using nanoparticles and single-walled carbon nanotubes as reinforcing agents to improve mechanical properties of scaffolds for bone tissue engineering


We hope this site will inform and enlighten, and not only give you a better idea of what we do but who we are. Questions, comments, and suggestions regarding either the group or the site are welcome, and can be directed to any of the personnel listed in the personnel.



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