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Dr. Chelsea Clark successfully defended her PhD thesis dissertation! She impressed her thesis committee members, Drs. Pedro Alvarez (CEVE) and Thomas Senftle (ChBE), with an outstanding presentation of her research. We couldn't be more pround of you Chelsea! (November 24, 2020)

Sujin successfully defended her Environmental Engineering PhD thesis dissertation! Her thesis committee members Drs. Mason Tomson (CEVE) and Thomas Senftle (ChBE) were impressed by her productivity and the quality of her research. We are so proud of you, Sujin! (July 16, 2020)

We are so happy to celebrate the advanced degrees of four group members (2 PhDs, 1 MS, 1 MChE) at the virtual 107th Commencement Ceremony (May 16, 2020)

Dr. Yin honors a Wong Group tradition with his Champagne Celebration (December 16, 2019)

(Left to Right) Dr. Wong, Dr. Mohite, Dr. Yin (!), Dr. Egap, and Dr. Reynolds after Ben's successful thesis defense (December 12, 2019)

Camilah (Left) and Priscilla (Right) at the 2019 AIChE Conference in Orlando, Fl (November 13, 2019)

(Top) Hunter (Left), Chris (Middle), and Welman (Right) at Argonne National Lab. (Bottom) Welman dives into his first deep dish pizza (Giordano’s) after a day of work. (June 21, 2019)

Camillah (Top), Sujin (Middle), and Ben (Bottom) at the 2019 ACS Meeting in Orlando, Fl. (April 2, 2019)

Kicking off the new year with a group lunch! (January 17, 2019)

We are so happy to celebrate the PhD degrees of Drs. Chelsea Clark, Sujin Guo, and Yan Xu at the 108th Commencement Ceremony! (May 15, 2021)

Group photo! (April 2020)

Chelsea recieves her first place plaque for the 2019 Environmental Division Graduate Student Paper Award Competition (December 3, 2019)

The Wong Group takes a summer break (and celebrates Prof. Wong's birthday) at Topgolf (July 29, 2019)

Ben, Welman, and Chelsea kicking off NAM26 at the Field Museum in Chicago, Il (June 23, 2019)

Ben (Left) and Sujin (Right), with Dr. Li Chen (PhD, 2017; Center) who now has a Master in Computer Science (MCS) degree from Rice! (Commencement 2019)

Priscilla (Left), Sam (Middle), and Ben (Right) taking a break from the SWCS meeting to enjoy some beignets at LSU (December 13, 2018)

The group very happy to help out Mr. John Classen at the 2018 St. Thomas More School Science Fair (November 13, 2018)

Lijie ends her time in the group as a visiting scholar with a fantastic presentation! (September 14, 2020)

The Wong Group kicks off the last group meeting of the decade! (December 11, 2019)

Camilah presents both of her posters at the 2019 AIChE Conference in Orlando, Fl (November 13, 2019)

Dr. Wong drops in on our NEWT RET mentor-mentee pairs at the Engineering Research Symposium for Teachers. (Top, Kim and Michelle; Bottom, Tanya and Kaitlin) (July 19, 2019)

We celebrate Samantha's successful defense of her MS ChE. (June 16, 2019)

Samantha, Priscilla, and Hunter help former RET John Classen judge the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Science Fair for 6-8 graders (January 24, 2019)

Visiting Scholar William Zenor at the 2018 SCI Colloquium (August 10, 2018)

Fernando has graduated with his B.A. in Chemical Engineering and is on his way to U.T. Austin for Grad School.(May 15, 2018)

Priscilla (Left) and Sam (Right) present at the Fall 2018 SWCS Meeting at LSU (December 13, 2018)

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