Appeal of Recordkeeping Ruling

Remand of Web II Minimum Fee


2004 IBS Failed Settlement

USC Title 17 - Chapter 8: Proceedings by copyright royalty judges (findlaw)

Section 114 (

2-22-2010 - Joint Scheduling Proposal

6-24-09 Scheduling Order for DWT

Order Granting Pub Radio Late Motion to Participate

8-25 SX Motion to have Participants submit a Notice of Intent to File WDS and Fully Participate

8-31-09 IBS Opposition to SX Motion to File WDS and Fully Participate

8-31-09 Order on Notice of Intent to Submit WDS

9-2-09 List of Participants

CBI's Direct Written Statement Package_date stamped

Protective Order 9-23-09

Direct Statement of Royalty Logic, LLC

Direct Testimony of Ronald H Gertz 2009-1

3-3-10 (TRIAL AND) Discovery Schedule Order.pdf