Rice Vegetarian Club
Here are some reviews and descriptions of places that have been contributed.

Within the hedges

residential colleges

are much like Sammy's, although when I lived in one, people would go to Sammy's for "better" food. I couldn't pretend to know about the current standings of the college kitchens since I last ate there five years ago.


in the (Student Center), has a tiny salad bar, baked potatoes, and fruit.


(which is like calling Burger King "the BK Lounge"). It sells several vegetarian sandwiches, but it can quickly get old only eating them.

Beyond the hedges

Cafe Adobe

good (but very cheesy) spinach enchiladas, and good chips and hot sauce. Their refried beans have been sworn to be vegy too, which, if true, is a rarity in Mexican restaurants. Also, they serve a rather large single serving Mexican pizza that can be made without meat. The enchiladas are on the lunch specials, but the pizza is not.


great falafal (sp?), especially when you ask for it "with hot sauce". Also the bread and hummus is very good. The "vegy subs" are nothing to scream about though. Droubi's is one of my favorite cheap restaurants in Houston. Great cheap felafel. Cheap hummus, tabouli, plus baba ghanoush, etc. And the cheapest baklava in town - $.50. Good too. They also have Greek cheeses, olives, and tasty cheap bread (plain, feta cheese, and zatar varieties). On Kirby & Main near Target in the caboose-looking building. Go!

Fred's Italian Corner

spaghetti or the Eggplant Parmesan. Also in the $7-8 range.

Gatti's Pizza

okay, okay. There is one reason, price. Gatti's has pickup specials (two large single topping pizzas for $10+tax). *Fresh* mushrooms and good spinach are my orders.

the Green Planet

(At Westheimer and Fondren (slightly west of Fondren, in a shopping strip, on the south side of Westheimer).
They also have vegetarian "traditional" holiday type things for people who like vegetarian "turkey" and dressing. Buffet, I think 4.99 for lunch and 5.99 for dinner, closed on Mondays. Really good. Our special agent Sherry has eaten there many, many times. They are vegan. Have a coconut cake that melts in your mouth, no eggs or dairy.

The Hobbit Hole

on Shepherd has lots of veggie selections -- they have lots of sandwiches, smoothies, and some pasta and Tex-Mex dishes.

Hunan Dragon

this dive-looking restaurant has good cheap chinese food and it is close to Rice. I always get the Vegetable Bean Curd.


restaurants that are close are Shiva, in the village, and a new place called Khyber, in the same center as Yildizlar. I like some dishes better at Shiva, but I think Khyber is less greasy overall.

Jason's Deli

which has a few locations around town, where one can get a good sandwitch ("The Vegetarian"), a good salad bar, and a variety of baked potatoes.


this mostly vegetarian restaurant has many good meals, but is more in the $7-8 range than the $3-5 range.

Star Pizza

high-class pizza joint. Vegy Pizza is loaded, but my choice is the Joe's (spinach and garli). There isn't much of a reason to go to any other pizza place.


is okay. There's a road called Hillcroft about which many Indian/Pakistani joints are located. I particularly like India's, which is rather reasonably priced when done as a group of three or four. They also have an excellent lunch buffet.

The Whole Earth Cafe

at most a ten minute bike ride from school, makes various vegetarian things. I tried their burger once, though, and didn't like it much. The rest of their stuff is good. Not far >from it is A Moveable Feast, reportedly "the" vegetarian place. Never been there.


better than Droubi's for felafel, hummus, etc. It's at Richmond and Kirby, in the strip center with Office Depot and Pizzeria Uno.