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To the Rice Copyright Police: Health & Fitness is a free newspaper/magazine who gave their permission for our former WWW maintainer, Andrew Bartelt, to copy their Restaurant reviews.

Health & Fitness Sports Magazine
1900 Yorktown
Suite 670
Houston, TX 77056

These reviews come their October 94 edition on pages 78 and 79. To the best of my ability I have typed exactly what they had written. However, typo mistakes are very likely. This shouldn't be catastrophic except in the case of phone numbers and addresses so please be sure to double check the information in another source.


A Natural to Organic Way

Connie PavolinoMeave
4100 Westheimer #250

You con lose weight or just feel great with food delivered right to your door. Fresh to natural organic meals, chemical free, never frozen, not dehydrated. Health resort quality.

A Moveable Feast

2202 W. Alabama

Health food with flavor. Owner Suzanne Fain uses herbs and fresh ingredients to bring nutritious dishes such as chili cheese strata or grain-based Happy Burgers to the hordes of hungry custormers. Fresh pressed carrot juice, fruit juices and smoothies available. Nonsmoking restaurant. Mon-Sun 9am-10pm.

More to come when I have more time ...

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