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The Boniuk Center for the Study and Advancement of Religious Tolerance at Rice University
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Boniuk Center Research Seminar

The Research Seminar of the Boniuk Center for the Study and Advancement of Religious Tolerance has three purposes: 

1) to provide a forum for faculty, graduate students, and visiting scholars to present new work on topics that bear on religious tolerance (possible topics include but are not limited to the emergence/study of religious traditions, the history of religious conflicts, comparative studies of religions of all kinds, studies of individual thinkers and texts, studies of missionary activity or conquest/conversion, and studies of intersections between religion and politics or religion and other spheres of life); 

2) to support research on all topics relevant to the mission of the Center; 

3) to build and sustain a community among scholars at Rice whose work bears on the idea of religious tolerance broadly construed.

Established in July of 2004, the Center supports research on a wide range of topics related to religious tolerance and promulgates this knowledge with the aims of understanding and promoting conditions conducive to sustainable, peaceful co-existence among people of different religions.

The research seminar of the Center meets monthly. Papers are circulated in advance. Rice faculty and graduate students who participate regularly in the seminar can apply for a limited amount of research/travel money from the Boniuk Center with the understanding that those who receive awards will present a paper in the research seminar within 2 years. Decisions regarding funding will be made by a committee of the Faculty Advisory Board of the Center. Members of this Board are listed below.

If you or your students would like to participate in the seminar, or if you would like to present a paper in the Spring (we have a few spots open), please let me know at your earliest convenience. Papers should (with very few exceptions) be works in progress rather than published articles. Thanks very much.

Carol Quillen, Director, Boniuk Center
quillen@rice.edu, x2269

Faculty Executive Committee:
Mahmoud el-Gamal (Economics)
Jim Faubion (Anthropology)
Anne Klein (Religious Studies) 
Jeffrey Kripal (Religious Studies)
Paula Sanders (History)
Anthony Pinn (Religious Studies)
Gregory Kaplan (Religious Studies; liaison to the Houston Holocaust Museum)
Allen Matusow (History; liaison to the Baker Institute)

Spring Seminar Schedule 
( Time is 4 PM-6 PM) 
Location is Founders' Room, 2nd Floor, Entrance B, Lovett Hall
  • January 25, 2005: Eva Haverkamp, "What did Christians Know?  Latin Reports on the Persecutions of 1096."
  • February 24, 2005: David Gray, "Compassionate Violence?  On the Ethical Implications of Tantric Buddhist Ritual"
  • March 15, 2005: Anne Dayton, “District Visitors and other “Amphibious Animals”: Charitable Visiting and Middle-Class Identity
  • April 20, 2005: Philip Wood,"Beyond the Simulacrum of Religion versus Secularism: Modernist Aesthetic 'Mysticism'; Or, Why We Will Not Stop Revering 'Great Books'."