Transcultural Studies Network scholars are currently focused on
sharing their curriculum materials and
building up transnational rings of bilingual websites
for the free flow of academic discourse across boundaries:
Connect to 32 Cultural Studies Sites From Taiwan
(Recommended by Ping-Hui Liao of National Tsinghua University)
Connect to Taiwan Cultural Studies Links Page (Big5 File)

See Materials from Leo Ou-Fan Lee's Course at Harvard:
"Cultural China in Contemporary Perspectives"
1998 Course Materials
1997 Course Materials

See Materials From Jing Wang's Course at Duke:
"Post Mao China"

See Materials from Shu-Mei Shih's Course at UCLA:
"Chinese Immigrant Literature and Film"

See Materials from Benjamin Lee and Richard Smith's Course at Rice:
"Contemporary Chinese Culture"

Connect to Two Sites From the
Contemporary Taiwanese Humanities Research Net's Ring of Web Sites
(Recommended by Ping-hui Liao of National Tsinghua University):

Mengxi Bitan Website


Medicine from the Humanities and Social Science Perspectives Website

(Created by Daiwie Fu,
Institute of History, National Tsing-hua University)

See Materials from Steven Lewis' Course at Rice:
Reforms in Post-Mao China

Rice University
Baker Institute
Harvard University
Workshop on Chinese Cultural

Initial Meetings of the Transcultural Studies Network were also supported by funding from
The Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholary Exchange

"Transcultural China"

Benjamin Lee (Rice University)
Leo Ou-fan Lee (Harvard University)
Richard J. Smith (Rice University)
Steven W. Lewis, (Rice University)

Stephen Chan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yvonne Chang, University of Texas, Austin
Ping-hui Liao, Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan
Lydia Liu, University of California, Berkeley
Shu-mei Shih, UCLA
Hui Wang, Joint Publications Company, Beijing
Jing Wang, Duke University
Jianying Zha, Writer and Journalist

Aqua Communications,
Jeng-Feng Lee, President

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