Transnational China Project
Curriculum Materials Image Archive,
"Public Advertising Culture in Shaoxing:
Environmental Consciousness"


 Have Mercy On Those Under Your Power;
Don't Tread On A Flower

 Don't Pick Me, Just Love Me;
Everyday Come See Me

 The Beauty Of Life Can Be Seen In Its Greenery

[Ping An Insurance Company]: 
Treat Nature With Respect;
Build A Better World For The Next Generation;
One Party Security, One Part Felicity



 [Office of the Model Creation Leadership Group]:
Protecting the Environment Is My Responsibility;
Create a National Model Environmental Protection City


[Office of the Model Creation Leadership Group]:
Protecting The Environment Is A Key State Policy;
Treasure And Preserve The Environment, The Home of Humanity

Note: These advertisements were collected June 2002 from Shengli Road in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, by StevenW. Lewis.