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Unite and Support the Development of Army-Government and Army-Civilian Relations (39 kb)



Carry Out the Advertising Law; Eradicate False and Illegal Ads (47 kb)



Pick Out the Rotten Apples; Resolutely Expose Corrupt Elements in the Party (40 kb)




Observe Traffic Laws; Stay in the Pedestrian Crosswalks (39 kb)




Giving Blood: Love, Courage, Compassion (44 kb)



A Watermelon Rind Can Take a Life; Do not Litter! (35 kb)



Build a Beautiful, Green Shanghai (from the Shanghai Spiritual Civilization Committee Office) (47 kb)




(Reading daily newspaper wall boxes in Changning District) (43 kb)



Welcome to People's Square Residential Area: A Civilized and Safe Residential Neighborhood (50 kb)