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 Do Not Destroy Public Property (38kb)




Strengthening Socialist Spiritual Civilization is the Grand Strategic Goal! (52kb)



Shanghai Citizen Seven Do Nots:
(1) No Spitting; (2) No Littering; (3) No Trashing Greenery;
(4) No Destruction of Public Property; (5) No Jaywalking;
(6) No Smoking in Public Places; (7) No Cursing




Liberate Your Thinking/Expand and Strive for Self-Improvement


Earnestly Struggle to Accelerate the Development of Shanghai Into a
Socialist-Modernized, International Economic Center


Persist in Reforms and Opening Up the the Outside World:
Safeguard the Stability of Society



Improve Citizens' Quality and Promote the City's Civilization



Strengthen Socialist Spiritual Civilization Construction:
Support Municipal Public Work Projects