Transnational China Project Image Archive:
"Public Advertising Culture at the
Three Gorges Dam Project"

 Promoting Development Page sign

 Safety, Quality and Service Page sign

 Education, Birth Control, Consumer Rights and the Census Page sign
 Work Units and Corporations Page sign

Promoting Development and Tourism at the Visitors Center

Safety, Quality and Service 

 Education, Birth Control, Consumer Rights and the Census

 Work Units and Corporations

Note: These 29 images are from an informal survey of the visitors center and tourist spots near to the Three Gorges Dam Project in Yichang City, Hubei Province, conducted in October 2000. They are organized to illustrate some of the trends in outdoor political advertising and public service announcements in China today: (1) the announcement of key public policy campaigns and public events; and (2) the provision of public service announcements in the context of privatization.