Kadim Tasdemir

Dept. of ECE, Rice University MS-366
PO Box 1892, Houston, TX 77251-1892
E-mail: tasdemir@rice.edu


• Unsupervised clustering, data mining
• Pattern Recognition (Character Recognition, Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition)
• Decision Fusion and applications
• Image Processing and Computer Vision
• Neural Networks (Self-organizing maps)


• PhD anticipated date: May 2008
RICE UNIVERSITY, Electrical & Computer Engineering
GPA: 3.81/4.00
Thesis: “Data mining in high-dimensional large datasets by Self-Organizing Maps”

Courses taken included: Digital Image Processing, Stochastic Processes, Source Coding & Compression
Neural Networks, Statistical Signal Processing

• MSc, January 2004
ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, Computer Science & Engineering
GPA: 3.94/4.00
MS Thesis: "Application of Fusion Algorithms in Character Recognition"

Courses taken included: Computer Vision, Advanced Topics in Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition
Computer Networks II, Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture, Self-similar Traffic

• BS, June 2001
BOGAZICI UNIVERSITY, Electrical & Electronics Engineering
BS Thesis: "Visual Crytopraghy"

Courses taken included: Computer & Network Security, JAVA,Wireless Communication


• Fall 2003- RICE UNIVERSITY, Electrical & Computer Engineering

- Developed a visualization scheme for the Self-Organizing maps that can help in extract clusters including small ones
- Developed a validity measure to compare different clustering methods of high-dimensional large datasets
- Developed an automated clustering algorithm for unsupervised clustering of high-dimensional large datasets

• Research Assistant, Fall 2001-Fall 2003 ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, Computer Science

- Developed an efficient algorithm to classify characters obtained from a license plate (a project for Turkish customs)
- Analyzed the effects of combining different types of features and classifiers to achieve a better character recognition
- Introduced a combined (PCA + illumination source) algorithm to reduce the illumination effect in face recognition


• 2003 Rice University Fellowship
• 2006 Rice University - “Robert Lowry Patten Award” for the contributions to graduate student life at Rice
• 2005 Rice University - Dean’s Travel Grant for Workshop on Self- Organizing Maps
• 2004 MSc with high honors
• 1997-2001 Bogazici University Fellowship
• 1997 Take a degree in upper 0.01% in OYS’97 (249th )
• 1996 Turkish Ministry of Education Honor Certificate


• C,C++, Visual C++
• Java, Visual Cafe
• Matlab, Electronics Workbench, Labview
• Windows, Unix
• MS Office


• Turkish : Native Language
• English : Advanced
• Spanish : Intermediate
• German :Intermediate


• Soccer
• 19th century Turkey history
• Tango