Background of Rowdy Owls

The Rowdy Owls Club began as Students for Athletic Spirit and Support. SASS was founded in the spring of 2000 by several inspired Rice Leadership Retreat participants. Starting with only a passion to make a difference, the club has gone on to host a variety of events as well as starting entirely new traditions.

One of our more visible contributions to campus life has been the Rowdy Owls t-shirts, after which we are now named. In an effort to keep the t-shirts affordable, the club purchased silk-screening equipment, and now we make and sell the t-shirts at a great price.

Here's a short list of some of the things we've done:

Spring 2003:

  • Assisted RPC in GumboFest before women's basketball game vs. San Jose St. Organized publicity, sold Rowdy Owls shirts, made spirit signs, and gave away halftime prizes. (2.1.2003)
  • Organized and ran Shuck U. Nebraska, a pre-game TG for Rice vs. Nebraska baseball game. (3.18.2003)

Fall 2002:

  • Distributed Rowdy Owls t-shirts to freshmen welcome buckets. (8.2002)
  • Sold Rally Towels at the Alumni Tent before Rice vs. Houston football game. (8.31.2002)
  • Sold pre-screened Rowdy Owls t-shirts before Rice football game against Fresno St. (9.28.2002)
  • Hosted 1st annual Halloween Hoops pep rally at Autry Court. (10.31.2002)

Spring 2002:

  • Hosted a TG with food, drinks, silk screening Rowdy Owls T-Shirts, selling Rally Towels, and giving away head bands before Men's Basketball game. (2.16.2002)
  • Held a TG with food, drinks, silk screening Rowdy Owls T-Shirts, and selling Rally Towels before Women's Basketball game. (2.21.2002)
  • Painted a banner for Women's Basketball team with congratulations and well-wishing for the Women's NIT. (3.12.2002)

Fall 2001:

  • Hung two "Good Luck at Fresno State" banners in football locker room before the team left for the away game. (10.2001)
  • Hosted TG for Homecoming Friday with food, drinks, banner painting (1 tear-thru, 1 for stands), and personalization of Rowdy Owls shirts. (11.9.2001)
  • Sold Rally Towels before the football game. (11.10.2001)

Spring 2001:

  • Hosted a TG in the Pub with pizza, sandwiches, drinks, face-paint and hair-spray at before the Men's Basketball team played SMU. $50 prize for the most spirited student given away at halftime. (2.5.2001)
  • Face-painting TG held in Kelly Lounge. Led procession to Autry Court for the Men's Basketball game against TCU. (2.10.2001)
  • TG in the Pub with pizza, subs, drinks, popcorn and face-paint before the Men's Basketball game vs. Tulsa. (2.22.2001)
  • TG held in the Pub with pizza, subs, drinks and face-painting before the Women's Basketball game against Nevada. (3.1.2001)
  • Hung "Good luck at WAC Tournament" banners in locker rooms for Men's and Women's Basketball teams. (3.2001)
  • Hosted popular crawfish boil before baseball game with games, prizes, food and drinks. (4.19.2001)
  • Received grant to buy Rally Towels for fund-raising sales. (5.2001)

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