Department of English MS-30, 6100 South Main Street, Rice University, Houston, TX 77005-1892
Voice (713) 348-2467; Fax (713) 348-5991;

3007 Rice Boulevard, Houston, TX 77005; Voice (713) 218-6821

1971-78 Candidate, Western New England Psychoanalytic Institute
1971 Ph.D., Yale University
1965 B.A., Swarthmore College

1999- Libbie Shearn Moody Professor of English, Rice University
1983- Professor, Rice University
1980-83 Associate Professor, Rice University
1978-80 Assistant Professor, Rice University
1973-78 Assistant Professor, Yale University
1968-69, 1970-73 Instructor, then Assistant Professor, University of Bridgeport

1997-98 Mellon Fellowship, Folger Shakespeare Library
(National Humanities Center Fellowship, declined Newberry Library Fellowship, declined)
1991 Writer-organizer, Rice University's NEH Challenge Grant ($200,000.00) Distinguished Teaching Professorship ($200,000)
1989-90 NEH Fellowship
1982-83 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship
1981 American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship


English Autobiographical Writing 1550-1700 and the Problem of Subjectivity, current book-length project.

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Reviews in: Modern Language Review, The Psychoanalytic Quarterly, The Review of Psychoanalytic Books, The Shakespeare Quarterly, The Yale Review, Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England.

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2001- Editorial Board, Shakespeare in South Africa
2000-2001 President. Shakespeare Association of America
1999-2000 Vice-President, Shakespeare Association of America
1999 External Examiner, Swarthmore College Honors Program
1997-98 Chair, Modern Language Association First Book Prize Selection Committee
1996-97 Member, MLA First Book Prize Selection Committee
1995 Peer Review Reader, National Humanities Center Fellowships
1995 Peer Review Panel, Humanities Center Fellowships, U Michigan, Ann Arbor
1993-96, 98--Peer Review Panel, Huntington Library Fellowships
1992 Peer Review Panel, Folger Library/NEH Fellowships
1989-1992 Trustee, Shakespeare Association of America
1988-- Editorial Board, Studies in English Literature
1983-85 Executive Committee on Psychological Approaches to Literature, MLA
1983-present Editorial Board, Shakespeare Quarterly
1982-85 Editorial Board, Review of Psychoanalytic Books
1981-83 Steering Committee, Modern Language Association Delegate Assembly


2001 Chair, English Department Search Committee (Renaissance position)
2000-2001 Member, University Humanities Dean Search Committee
2000-2001 Member, University Legal Counsul Search Committee
2000 Foreman, Faculty Council Jury
1999-2000 Member, University Affirmative Action Officer Search Committee
1999-2000 Member, Humanities Self Study Committee on Outreach Activities
1999-2000 Co-Chair, University Standing Committee on Computers
1999-1999 Member, University Provost Search Committee
1998-- Acting Chair, Department of Education, Rice University
1998-99 Director of Graduate Studies, English Department
1996 Chair, Rice Search Committee for Arab Studies Professor
1994 Member, Rice Search Committee for Vice President of Development
1994 Chair, Rice Ad Hoc Committee on Scheduling
1994-95 Chair, Rice 1995 Self-Study Committee on Information Technology
1993 Chair, Rice University Committee to Administer NEH Distinguished Teaching
1992-95 Chair, Department of English, Rice University
1992-94 Chair, Rice University Library Committee
1992-93 Chair, Rice University Committee to Assess the Center for Cultural Studies
1991-92 Member, Rice Search Committee for Vice President of Information Technology
1990-91 Acting Dean of Humanities, Rice University
1976-78 Director, The Literature Major, Yale University
1971-73 Director, Composition Program, University of Bridgeport

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Individual Renaissance presentations: Yale University; CUNY Graduate School; University of California LA; University of North Carolina Greensboro; University of California Berkeley; California Institute of Technology; Washington University; Harvard University; University of Colorado. Folger Shakespeare Library; Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Individual Psychoanalytic presentations: Kanzer Society for Psychoanalysis and Humanities; Washington School of Psychiatry; Buffalo Symposium on Psychoanalysis; The Washington Psychoanalytic Institute; Houston-Galveston Psychoanalytic Society; University of Toronto/Toronto Psychoanalytic Institute; ; American Psychoanalytic Association; Baltimore Psychoanalytic Institute; Columbia University Shakespeare Seminar; Robert S. Liebert Lecture, Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research.

Conference Presentations: Mid-America College Art Association Symposium on Intellect and Imagination ; Symposium on Creativity, Emory University; Conference on Women in the Renaissance, Yale University; Colloquium on Freud and Interpretation, Swarthmore College; Colloquium on Contemporary Uses of Freud, The Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts, Emory University; Conference on Shakespeare and Psychoanalysis, CUNY Graduate School; Conference on Growing Up and Growing Old in Shakespeare, The Folger Shakespeare Library; Colloquium on Contemporary Criticism, Boston University; Gröningen University, The Netherlands; Waterloo Conference on Renaissance Drama, Waterloo; Symposium on Freud's Impact on Contemporary Culture, The Institute, Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia; Plenary Speaker International Psychoanalytic Symposium, Delphi, Greece; Colloquium,Whose Freud: Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Culture, Yale University; Shakespeare Association of America; International Shakespeare Association; Modern Language Association; plenary speaker, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa Renaissance Conference;conference on Early Modern Lives, Middlesex University, London.

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