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Lesson Plans & Activities Page

Academy Curricular Exchange 

Comprehensive site of science lessons for middle school students.

Access Excellence Lesson Exchange 

Great site for science educators.

Access Excellence - Mystery Spot 

Site offers lessons in the guise of scientific mysteries. Lots of fun! 

Air Quality Lesson Plans 

Sponsored by the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission. Loads of air quality lessons broken down by grade level. 

Awesome Library Science Lesson Plans

Great site that breaks lessons down by branch of science.  You can also get useful ideas for assessment, creative writing, class discussions, projects, and more!

CLN - Community Learning Network 

Site that offers curriculum that assists teachers in integrating technology into their classroom.

Curriculum Links for Science Teachers

Site offers a wide variety of links that aids teachers in finding lesson plans, project ideas, and reference materials.

Earth Science Resources 

A one-stop site for science resources and information. 

Form Site 

This site allows you to create online surveys and forms. 

Global Warming Project 

"In this project students learn about the scientific factors that contribute to the controversial global warming debate".

Houses in The Desert Project 

"A design project in which students design an energy-efficient house to remain comfortable in the desert's temperature extremes, using their knowledge of thermodynamics, insulation, conduction, and the conversion of light energy into heat energy."

How Far Does Light Go? Project 

"A debate project which engages students in an examination of the scientific properties of light by engaging them with relevant evidence from the Web".

Internet Projects 

Site offers a variety of projects that engage students in a global learning environment.

Internet Resources for use in Science Classes

A compendium of science resources that can be used to aid classroom instruction or they can be used for WWW projects or research.  Take your time browsing this site.  Very useful!

The K-8 Aeronautic Internet Textbook

A library of experiments to help students better understand the principles and applications of aeronautics.

K-12 Science Lesson Plans 

Site features lessons that utilize internet resource to learn about a variety of science topics.

Lesson Plans Page for Science 

Site offers a variety of lesson plans for all grade levels.

The Lesson Plan Page

A variety of science lessons organized by grade level.

Mineral Information Institute Teachers Page

Great work by MII!  They offer teacher resources and lesson plans that aid students in better understanding the importance of minerals in their lives.  Good site if you're looking for a fun and entertaining way to teach a natural resources or geology unit.

Mr. K's Links 2 Learning 4 Educators

Serves as a gateway for k-8 teachers seeking quality lesson plans. The goal of this site is to provide a single point of access for a variety of lesson plans.

NY Times Lesson Plan Archive

Site offers lessons for a variety of subject areas.

Physical Science Demo Page 

Great resource for exciting laboratory demonstrations

PowerPoint In The Classroom 

Site offers teacher resources and activities. 

Reeko's Mad Scientist Laboratory 

Experiments and lessons for science educators. Site also offers resources and links to other science sites.

Rice Model Science Laboratory - Cells Lessons & Links Page

Everything your middle school student needs to know about cells can be found right here!

Rice Model Science Laboratory - Chemistry & Lab Safety Page

Learn about the families of the periodic table, valence electrons, balancing equations and much more. You can find online quizzes and our very own chemistry scavenger hunt.


Rice Model Science Laboratory - Ecosystem & Biomes Lesson & Links Page

Great site for information on biomes around the world, wetlands, and vegetation.

Rice Model Science Laboratory - Electricity & Magnetism Links

Loads of links for students and teachers.  Links include on-line tutorials for students, experiments, and misconceptions about electricity.

Rice Model Science Laboratory - Exploring Space

Great site that includes information about the formation of the universe, the Sun, planets, space exploration and space colonies.

Rice Model Science Laboratory - Force & Motion Lessons & Links Page

        The place for links on mousetrap cars and how they relate to force and motion.

Rice Model Science Laboratory Geology Lessons

Lessons that we have modified and/or written.

Rice Model Science Laboratory - Human Body Systems Lessons & Links Page

Information, activities and links to help you learn about the human body.

Rice Model Science Laboratory - Light & Sound Lesson Plans & Activity Page

A great site full of links for students and teachers.  Be sure to check out Mrs. O'Donnell's Bat Lecture for students!

Rice Model Science Laboratory - Matter, Motion, & Energy Lesson Plans & Activity Page

        Information, activities, and links on polymers, motion, and energy.

Rice Model Science Laboratory - Natural Resources Lesson Plans & Activity Page

Site for learning more about renewable & nonrenewable resources, alternative energy sources and the rock cycle. This page is geared towards grades 6-8, specifically the 6th grade TEKs.

Rice Model Science Laboratory - Plate Tectonics Lesson Plans & Activity Page

        Layers of the Earth, Plate Boundaries, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and more!

Rice Model Science Laboratory - Topography & Cartography Page

A great place to learn the basics about reading and constructing your own topographic map.

Science Activities Manual K-8

Written to aid the Tennessee Science Curriculum Framework which basically follows the National Science Standards.  Lessons are broken down by grade level.  Very thorough!

Science Lesson Plans 

Site has something to offer for all grade levels.

Science Lesson Plans & Activities Page 

Excellent site that offers tons of lesson plans!

Science Power 2000 Lesson Plans

Site offers lesson plans for K-8 teachers in astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science and physics.

SMILE Program Physics Index

Site offers over 200 single concept lessons.

Teacher's Lessons by Lori Kempker

Nice database of science and math related sites for teachers.  You can also utilize AskEric, Ask-an-Expert, and browse Lori's list of favorite teacher sites.

TeachersNet - Science Lessons 

Comprehensive listing of science lessons. Index indicates appropriate grade level.

Texas Parks & Wildlife - Lesson Plans & Activities

Site offers a variety of lesson plans for Texas educators.  Great spot for ideas regarding ecology, aquatic science and conservation.  Site also offers tons of maps.

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