PSYC 411, PSYC 511

History of Psychology

Spring 2007

Instructor: David J Schneider



Office: SH 482

Office Hours: T 11-1, TH 11-12



There is probably more variability in the ways History of Psychology is taught than almost any other psychology course. Some courses begin with the birth of modern philosophy in the 17th century, others with the birth of modern psychology in the 19th century. This course will being at the beginning with the Greeks, and we will spend approximately half the course on pre-scientific psychology and half on more modern developments. In addition to two texts, we will read several articles from philosophers as well as early and late psychologists. There is a fair amount of reading in this course, and much of it will be unfamiliar to those of you with no background in philosophy. The extra papers are on line either at Chris Greene's Psychological Classics page, as .pdf documents on this web site, or on electronic reserve at Fondren. For those readings that are on the PsychClassics site I have provided a direct link to that site but not to the precise reading. For the documents on this site, there are direct links. For the reserve readings you will need a password that will be provided in class.

Course Requirements

There will be two exams -- a midterm and a final exam. The comprehensive final will be divided into two parts, a first which amounts to a second hour exam over the last half of the course material, and a second focusing on the entire course. Each of these three parts (two hour exams and the comprehensive part of the final) will count 25% of your final grade. There is also a required term paper worth an additional 25% of the final grade. Students enrolled in PSYC 511 must also do an early journal assignment which is ungraded.

For graduating seniors and other degree candidates, all exams and papers must be turned in by noon May 2. For all other students the deadline in 5 p.m. on May 7.


PSYC 411, 511 Syllabus

PSYC 411, 511 Reading List

PSYC 411, 511 Term Paper Assignment

PSYC 511 Journal Paper Assignment

Final Examination

Distinguished Psychologists

Internet Links

History and Philosophy of Psychology Web Resources -- the place to begin with several dozen links
University of Dayton History of Psychology page -- links to individuals, histories of psychology departments, and course syllabi among other things
Christopher Green's Classics in the History of Psychology -- several book chapters and classic articles in the history of psychology on-line.
St. Louis University Guide to library resources -- listing of books and other resources -- useful for term papers.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy -- good online source of articles on major philosophers, early psychologists, and schools of thought