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History of Spontaneous Combustion.

Fall '95 - Brown freshman Rod Sanders enters Rice University. He was a member of the high school version of ComedySportz in Brownsville, Texas.

Fall '95 - Spring '96 - Sanders creates the name Spontaneous Combustion, recruits initial members.

Fall '96 - Spontaneous Combustion performs its first show.

Fall '97 - Trademark Black T-shirts unite humor and style.

Spring '97 - Spontaneous Combustion holds its first auditions.

Spring '97 - Thresher writes up an article on the newly performing club.

Spring '97 - First Owl Weekend Show. As described by Laura Duke (Brown '98):
It was an amazing success. We were honestly shocked at how many people came, and we were very well received. I don't remember it very clearly - natural adrenaline high. So awesome.

Spring '99 - Spontaneous Combustion performs its first off-campus show at the University of Houston. Show goes so well that nobody talks about it ever again, nor do we venture off-campus again. Adam Keith (Lovett '02) gives the full description.

Fall '00 - Eric Libby invents the term 'spegma milkshake.' The world is never the same.

Fall '01 - Rice President, Malcolm Gillis, mentions Spontaneous Combustion in his matriculation address.

Spring '01 - Spontaneous Combustion has its first ever drunk practice. Murder chain was played with the location of Erotic Disneyland, an occupation of a fluffer, and the murder weapon of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Spring '02 - The Yale Purple Crayons travel down to Houston and put on a combined show with Spontaneous Combustion in Hamman Hall.

Fall '02 - Bringing together a capella and improv comedy, Spontaneous Combustion performs its first combined show with the Rice Philharmonics. We sang a capella, they did improv, and we joined it up at the end to create the game of Radio--improvisational a capella (while raising $400 for a Houston soup kitchen). Filled up 500-seat Hamman Hall. Thresher promo article

Spring '03 - Spontaneous Combustion goes on the road, travelling up to battle Washington University in St. Louis' Mama's Pot Roast in the style of ComedySportz. We learned never to do a clean competitive format where you don't have any fans.

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