match man

The U of H show. (as told by Adam Keith, Lovett '02)

Oh Christ. Why do you have to go pissing in the open wound that was the UH show? It was part of some KRBE-sponsored (but not broadcast) variety show in spring 1999, but we didn't discover until we arrived on campus that it was in some tiny-ass, narrow cafeteria, and that only people that hated laughter had been invited. I'm all in favor of overcoming adversity to shine, but the deck was stacked against our wee contingent (Blake, me, and I think Eric, Nathan and one other).

First off, we didn't warm up, because we thought we weren't going to be on for an hour when the dipshit guy running the show (Senthil Ramamurthy - funny which names stick with you) called us up. I had been doing history reading up until that point, and had nothing but jokes about Wilhelm II's militaristic foreign policy in my head. Anyway, this Senthil guy had tried to impress upon us before the show the importance of relying on sex jokes, and, as if to prove his point, he laughed riotously whenever other people (or better yet, he) mentioned the use of a penis. Worse, the act before us was some inert lump of dude reading depressed, hackneyed poetry about girls 'n' stuff. So the audience was catatonic throughout our eight-minute eternity of a performance, and looked at us as if we were some weird (but not funny-weird) twitching fish pressed up against the cafeteria's movable salad bar.

What a whiny bastard you must think I am! Anyway, that sucked. But the Yale show and every Owl Weekend show ever rocked. I mean, we're really hot.