Astronomy 221 - Fall 2009

Astronomy 221 is a laboratory for academic students with interest in "hands-on" astronomy. Students will learn how to set up and used small telescopes and experience the excitement of observing various types of astronomical objects. It is primarily a non-mathematical laboratory (no calculus or advanced computer skills required) intended for students who wish to learn astronomy by going out into "the dark night sky" to observe and performing computer simulations of changes in the night sky. Beginning in 2009 we have eliminated prerequisite astronomy courses in favor of weekly lectures on fundamental astronomical topics.

NEWS FOR THE WEEK OF SEP 7-11: The first observing session will be Tuesday night (9/8) beginning at 9pm; also after the 8pm class (on telescopes) in HBH 427 (attendance required). Monday night observing people should come Tuesday or Wednesday night, as convenient. The writeup for the first lab has been posted and is available at this website. The related charts will be posted separately Wednesday. Handouts of the first lab will be given Tuesday and Wednesday nights. If the weather looks bad Tuesday night call Dr. D. at 713-254-1476 between 8-9pm to get the observing go or no-go that night. Reggie Dufour




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