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If you are interested in any aspect of education, you picked the right place.  The Rice Education Club is a group of students and faculty interested in furthering the aims of education in Houston and beyond.  Some of us are students in the Rice teacher certification program, some are graduate students in the Master of Arts in Teaching program, some of us simply enjoy education classes and are thinking of maybe teaching someday, and some of us are simply curious, as students ourselves, what education is all about.

We welcome any Rice student who has any interest in education, especially secondary education.  If you are looking for Texas certification through Rice, we especially encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as possible to get information on classes you may need to take, requirements for various specializations, and your options in pursuing your certification.

  Teaching Opportunities for Undergraduates and Recent Graduates

Do you want to get started teaching?  Don't know how?  This thorough compilation of information, compiled by former club president Dan Heller, outlines and categorizes a wealth of information on finding jobs, getting certified, and getting teaching experience in public, private, internation, and summer schools.  It's a great place to start if you need information.

Aims of the club

Mailing list

The Rice Education Club maintains a listserv address (rec-list@listserv.rice.edu) to provide a means of easy communication among members, to foster discussion of educational issues, and to provide a means of contact with people outside of Rice who are interested in education.  The list is open to any Rice student, member or non-member.

If you would like to be on the list, send a message to educ@rice.edu and you will be added.  You can also send a message to listserv@listserv.rice.edu with no subject and only the line "subscribe rec-list <first-name last-name>" to be automatically subscribed.

Contacts for more information

If you have a specific question concerning admission to the Rice Teacher Certification program, courses needed for certification, or other administrative issues, the following people in Education Certification can assist you.  All offices listed are located in the basement of Herman Brown; phone numbers are Rice extensions.
Name Office Phone Email
Dr. Judy Radigan HB 26 x4727 jradigan@rice.edu
Olga Trejo HB 30 x4826 olgatrej@rice.edu

Remember, this club is open to any and all students who have any interest in education.  If you need more information, send mail to educ@rice.edu.

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