Rice Education Club Constitution

I.  Name and Purpose
        A.  The name of this organization is the Rice Education Club.
        B.  The purpose of this organization includes the following:
                1.  Provide a forum for the discussion of education-related issues.
                2.  Inform the Rice community of Rice's Education programs.
                3.  Provide support for students in Education programs at Rice.

II.  Requirements for Membership
        A.  Any interested member of the Rice community may be admitted into the Rice Education Club.

III.  Officers
        A.  The executive committee of this organization includes the President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Committee Chairs.
                1.  The President conducts club meetings and facilitates the decision-making processes. This position may be held by one or two people.
                2.  The Treasurer keeps financial records and maintains a balance of club funds.
                3.  The Secretary keeps minutes of all club meetings.
                4.  Committee Chairs manage special projects pursued by the organization.
        B.  Officers will be chosen every year. Officers are elected by a majority vote of regular club members. Committee Chairs may be elected or appointed by the President.

IV.  Finances
        A.  The officers or the faculty sponsor have the authority to spend the organization's money.

V.  Faculty Sponsor
        A.  Any interested faculty member may volunteer to be the faculty sponsor for this organization. If no faculty member volunteers, the members may invite faculty members until a willing sponsor is found.
        B.  If there is considerable objection to the faculty sponsor by the members, a vote may be called. A decision of 51% of the members to remove the sponsor will result in the club looking for a new sponsor.

VI.  Amendments to the Constitution
        A.  Amendments may be proposed by any member of the organization.
        B.  A vote will be taken on the proposal no sooner than two weeks after it is brought forward during a meeting. The constitution will be amended if a majority of the members vote in favor.