The Rice Business Society is dedicated to providing an energetic business community for Rice undergraduates. Founded in 1997 as a medium for students to internalize work opportunities, the Society has evolved into an active organization with over 200 members and active alumni. The Society also operates to assist talented Rice undergraduates in capitalizing their analytical, creative and social skills in a commercial environment.

Rice Business Society Goals

RBS concentrates its efforts into three areas of focus: education, communication and opportunity.

Educating Undergraduates

RBS will provide a practical understanding of issues related to various fields of business through numerous events throughout the year. These events provide a necessary foundation from which members may fully develop their business interests.

Communication between Undergraduates and the Business Community

RBS seeks to create a vibrant exchange of ideas among its members and the business community. To achieve this goal, RBS has planned informal social events among undergraduates as well as formal activities with industry professionals.

Summer and Career Opportunities for Undergraduates

RBS seeks to provide unique summer and career opportunities. By passing opportunities and advice from upperclassmen to underclassmen and planning events such as the New York Investment Banking Trip, RBS members will be well positioned for professional success.