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The Rice Association of Biologically InclinEd Students (RABIES) was formed during the summer of 1994 in order to provide a recognized club for Rice undergraduates interested in biology.

Mission Statement:

RABIES is devoted to educating, cultivating, and encouraging interest in the biological sciences among the student body at Rice University. The goal of RABIES is to introduce students to the multifaceted opportunities available to biology majors.

We strive to realize this objective through discussion panels, forums led by guest speakers in diverse fields of biology, and exposure to the many professional options available in a biological career. RABIES also contributes to activities that benefit the community by regularly participating in Project Pumpkin and Spring Fling, which are hosted by the Rice Student Volunteer Program and benefit underprivileged children in Houston.

An immensely popular event is the biannual Student-Faculty Luncheon, which provides students with the opportunity to speak to biology professors at Rice before registration week in order to learn more about offered courses. The Student Faculty Luncheons also allow students to inquire about possible research opportunities with Rice professors in their labs. Additionally, with the recent addition of the ESTHER registration system, it has become even more popular because it gives students a chance to meet informally with their natural sciences advisor, finalize classes, and sign forms.

RABIES has also coordinated events led by guest speakers and graduate school representatives who educate and familiarize students about the many career options in biology. Students are often interested in biology, but incorrectly believe that a biology major is limited to teaching, research, or medicine.