The Constitution

Article 1
The name of this organization shall be "Native American Student Association," abbreviated “RNASA.”

Article 2
The purpose of this organization shall be as follows:
a) Provide a support network for Native American/Alaskan Native students at Rice University.
b) Promote awareness of the cultures of America's indigenous people.
c) Establish a link between alumni and current students at Rice.

Article 3
Members of this organization shall be as follows:
a) Regular Members: All students at Rice and their spouses are eligible. At no time shall fewer than half of the organization’s members be student members.
b) Honorary Members: All other persons interested in joining the club (i.e. faculty members, alumni, students at other universities, etc.) are eligible
c) Eligibility: Only student members who are not on Disciplinary Probation or otherwise prohibited from holding office in a registered student organization shall be eligible to seek and hold office. The principal officers of the organization must be currently registered students at Rice University.

Article 4
All regular members must pay the established annual membership fee. Honorary members are not required to pay any membership fees.

Article 5
All decisions shall be voted on by the regular members.
a) In order to make a decision, 51% of the organization's regular members must be present.
b) In order to pass a decision, at least 51% of the present members must vote in the affirmative.

Article 6
The Executive Committee shall have general supervision of the affairs of the organization between its regular meetings, make recommendations to the membership, and perform any other duties listed in this constitution. The Executive Committee shall be subject to the orders of this organization, and none of its acts or omissions shall conflict with action taken by this organization. Accordingly, the Executive Committee shall be authorized to spend this organization’s funds. The Executive Committee shall consist of the following:
a) The President, who shall make sure that, at all times, the organization is abiding by the rules and regulations set forth by the Student Association of Rice University. In the case that a representative is needed, the President will represent the organization on its behalf except in the case where another member has been agreed upon.
b) The Secretary/Treasurer, who shall keep and distribute minutes and announcements, maintain a correct balance of the organization's funds, who shall keep track of the checkbook of the organization, and who shall regularly make available a written breakdown of the income and expenses of the organization.

Article 7
Members of the Executive Committee shall be selected by general vote from the pool of candidates every year according to the measures described in Article 5.

Article 8
When necessary, special tasks can be assigned to members by vote according to the measures described in Article 5.

Article 9
The regular members shall vote on all money spent, except that the President shall have the power for a fiat of up to $50 on any single expenditure. Use of a fiat must be declared at the next meeting. The authority to sign checks shall be given to the members of the executive committee. Two signatures are required for each check.
a) Club Funds: All funds gathered by the organization must be deposited into a club account through the Office of Student Activities or Office of Multicultural Affairs within one business day of their receipt.
b) Misuse of Funds: The sponsor shall refer to the relevant University office(s) any member reasonably suspected of spending club funds without authority, failing to deposit club funds appropriately, or otherwise misusing or abusing club funds.

Article 10
The selection of the faculty sponsor for the organization must be voted on according to the measures described in Article 5.
a) Replacement: If the sponsor resigns, is replaced, or is otherwise unable to continue serving as the sponsor for the remainder of the academic year, the organization shall select a new sponsor and notify the Office of Student Activities of the change within 15 class days.

Article 11
Amendments to the Native American Student Association constitution can only be made by a vote according to the measure described in Article 5.
a) Approval by Student Association Parliamentarian: Amendments approved by the membership shall be submitted to the Student Association Parliamentarian. Amendments may not take effect until they are approved by the Parliamentarian or the Student Senate in accordance with the Constitution of the Student Association. The Date of Last Revision on the title page of this constitution shall be updated to reflect the date of approval by the Parliamentarian or Senate.

Article 12
All individuals eligible for membership under the guidelines listed in Article 3 shall be allowed to join the organization.
a) Nondiscrimination Policy: This organization shall not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, disability, or veteran status.
b) Anti-Hazing Policy: This organization shall not engage in any form of hazing, as defined by the Code of Student Conduct and any other applicable Rice University rules and regulations.
c) Conflict of Interest Policy: The business of this organization shall not be conducted in any manner that creates a conflict of interest or the reasonable appearance thereof.
d) Approval of Contracts: No commitments or contracts shall be made by any member of this organization on behalf of this organization without the approval of both the sponsor and a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Article 13
This organization shall recognize the primacy of the Student Association Executive Branch, the Student Senate, and ultimately, the Student Association.
a) This organization shall be bound by the requirements of the Constitution of the Student Association and any associated rules and regulations.
b) This constitution and any bylaws or policies adopted by this organization are subordinate to the Constitution of the Student Association.