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RUMUN 2006 will be October 13-15. All events will take place on the Rice University campus located in central Houston, Texas.

This website is under contruction and we hope you will be patient with us as we get all sections up and running. Thank you in advance.

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Development Program

Welcome delegates! My name is Kirti Datla and I am the chair of the UN Development Program. I am a junior at Rice University, double majoring in Environmental Engineering and Policy Studies. This year we will be discussing Oceanic Pollution and Women's Rights. I'm very excited about both of these topics and I think they'll lead to some really interesting debate.

If you have any questions about the topics, Rice, Model UN in college, etc. please feel free to contact me at kirti@rice.edu. I look forward to meeting you all and I hope you have fun preparing for the conference!

The Topics

Oceanic Pollution

The Law of the Seas treaty was one of the first major pieces of international law dealing with the ocean and economic rights to the ocean. Unfortunately problems persist with illegal dumping of hazardous waste, cruise ship pollution, oil spills, discharge into rivers which ends up in oceans, and more. What should the UNDP do about this problem? Should developing nations not have to adhere to environmental standards? How can waste be disposed of in a legal, fair manner?

Women's Rights in Developing Nations

In many developing nations, women are excluded from educational and economic opportunities. What strategies does the UNDP support? How can women be brought into the system? Should the international community intervene in cultural matters? Would that be a violation of sovereignty?

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