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Summer 2016 in the newly rennovated lab.



Ph.D. Students

Ph.D. Students before M.S.

Undergraduate Students

  • Robert Cunningham (ECE)
  • Emilio Del Vecchio (ECE)
  • Andrew Brooks (ECE)
  • Mia Polansky(ECE)

Graduate Alumni

  • Robert LiKamWa (First Job: Assistant Professor, Arizona State EE & Media): Ph.D., 2016; M.S., 2012 (PDF) (Best Paper Award, MobiSys'13)
  • Ardalan Amiri Sani (First Job: Assistant Professor, UC Irvine CS): Ph.D., 2015 (PDF); M.S., 2011. (PDF) (Best Paper Award, MobiSys'14)
  • Hang Yu (First Job: Schlumberger; Now: startup): Ph.D., 2015 (PDF); M.S., 2011 (PDF)
  • Felix Xiaozhu Lin (First Job: Assistant Professor, Purdue ECE): Ph.D., 2014 (Best Paper Award, ASPLOS'14)
  • Mian Dong (First Job: Samsung Research; Now: startup): Ph.D., 2013. (PDF) (Best Paper Award, MobiSys'11)
  • Ahmad Rahmati (First Job: Nokia Research; Now: Apple): Ph.D., 2012 (PDF); M.S., 2008 (PDF) (Best Paper Award, MobileHCI'07)

  • Jun Yao (co-advised with Tour and Natelson) (Postdoc at Harvard): Ph.D., August 2011

  • Clayton Shepard: Argos: practical base stations with large-scale multi-user beamforming, M.S. Thesis, Rice University, April 2012. (PDF)

  • Pu Dong: Reducing fate-sharing in software systems via fine-grained checkpoint and restore, M.S. thesis, Rice University, December 2016.
  • Jie Liao (Facebook): Moving device power management out of drivers, M.S. thesis, Rice University, December 2016.
  • Eddie Reyes (startup): Virtual ring buffer for camera application concurrency, M.S. thesis, Rice University, January 2015.
  • Chao Xu (Google): Automated OS-level Device Runtime Power Management, M.S. thesis, Rice University, September 2014 (PDF)
  • Siqi Zhao (Amazon): Detecting events from twitter in real-time, M.S. thesis, Rice University, April 2013. (PDF)
  • Zhen Wang (Google): Speeding up mobile browsers without infrastructure support, M.S. Thesis, Rice University, April 2012. (PDF)
  • Hasan Dumanli (Schlumberger): BeamSwitch: directional transmission for energy-efficient wireless communication on mobile systems, M.S. thesis, Rice University, April 2009. (PDF)
  • Jiayang Liu (Microsoft): Micro power management of active 802.11 network interfaces, M.S. thesis, Rice University, November 2008. (PDF)

Undergraduate Alumni

  • Yuan Gao'16 (Stanford Grad. School)
  • Leo Meister'16 (Rice Grad. School)
  • Peter Washington'15 (Stanford Grad. School)
  • Qijia Jiang'15 (Stanford Grad. School)
  • Juliana Gomez'15
  • Di Meng'14
  • Kyle Xu'14 (Gatech Grad. School)
  • Eddie Reyes'12 (Rice Grad. School)
  • Ricardo Barrera'11 (Microsoft)
  • Stephen Jong'11 (UT Grad School)
  • Norman Pai'11 (SimpApply)
  • Kevin Choi'10 (CenterPoint Energy))
  • Alexander Dobranich'12 (Project: Orbit Platform)
  • Ashley Herron'11 (Rice Grad. School)
  • Patrick Kruse'07 (Texas Instruments)
  • Angela Chen Qian'09 (Schlumberger)
  • Michael Lo'10 (Project: Orbit Platform)
  • Clayton Shepard'08 (Rice Grad. School)
  • Barron Stone'09 (National Instruments)
  • Lucia Sun'10  (USC Grad school)
  • Katherine Threslkeld'10
  • Yiming Wang'09

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