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The Rice Efficient Computing Group (RECG) develops efficient technologies for future computing, communication and interfacing. In the recent years, we have focused on mobile systems. It is our mission to provide enabling technologies for mobile systems in another decade beyond form factors like smartphone and tablet. Our current research projects include system software, wireless subsystems, and human factors.

The Efficient Computing Group is led by Prof. Lin Zhong and is located in Duncan Hall. The research laboratory is located in 3039 Duncan Hall.

Selected Publications (Full list)

  • Rio: a system solution for sharing I/O between mobile systems (MobiSys 2014) (PDF, received Best Paper Award)
  • K2: a mobile operating system for heterogeneous coherence domains (ASPLOS 2014) (PDF, received Best Paper Award)
  • Energy characterization and optimization of image sensing toward continuous mobile vision (MobiSys 2013) (PDF, received Best Paper Award)
  • Argos: practical base stations with many antennas (MobiCom 2012) (PDF)
  • Chameleon: a color-adaptive web browser for mobile OLED displays (MobiSys 2011) (PDF, received Best Paper Award)
  • uWave: Accelerometer-based personalized gesture recognition and its applications (IEEE PerCom 2009) (PDF) (received the Mark Weiser Best Paper Award) (Journal version)
  • Understanding human-battery interaction on mobile phones (MobileHCI 2007) (PDF) (received Best Paper Award) (Journal version)

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