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Sexual Health

Did you ever wonder if there were certain suggestions for keeping yourself sexually healthy? Want more information about exams? How often do you get them? What do they show? Visit to search for specifics or just to learn the professionals' tips for sexual health maintenance.


Let's face it, we could all use a little advice from the experts about relationships. Visit to get a better idea of what might be right for you and for your significant other.

Knowing your Body

A little anatomy can go a long way. A good understanding of why things work the way they do can not only help you figure out if something's wrong, but it can also put your mind at ease when you find out that something's not. Get a comprehensive look at male anatomy at Curious about your boyfriend? Just clueless? Check out to find out what works, what doesn't, and why.


Pregnancy can be a scary issue, but it's one that should not be avoided. If you are worried about pregnancy, the earlier you know about it, the earlier you and your partner can start dealing with it in whichever way you see fit. Visit for a flow chart of sexual activities and the accompanying risk of pregnancy. Have you missed your period? Don't freak out; this is actually a common occurrence among women, especially those around college age. Find out more at Finally, visit for tips on keeping sex safe without making it awkward.

Birth Control

Contraception. Oftentimes, women have more questions about birth control than about anything else. What are the options? What is the best plan for me? What are the side effects? Find out which stories are true, which aren't, and general information about the options that are out there by visiting some of the links below:

Health Services prescribes oral contraceptives, the patch, and the ring. See the Planned Parenthood link for more information, and see the Health Services link for information about making an appointment.

Date Rape

Sadly, women are often required to protect themselves from more than infection and disease. Find out about date rape drugs at