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    In between books, beers, and on occasional college cheers Rice kids find the time for some one-on-one.  Whether it is with that special significant other, an occasional "oops" at a party, or a steady "oops" it helps to be on top of your sexual health.  That's where we come in!  Sure, you may have searched web a time or two to find information on a sexually transmitted disease or infection, but that took lots of time (time you may not have).  Now, you have a new option!! 

    Here compiled before your very eyes, is a website especially tailored to the Rice Student.  Whether itís for a friend in need or simply for yourself, this site will help you find the useful information you need.  From emergency contraception to sexually transmitted diseases to general his and her issues that can arise, this website can help.  Please feel free to wander around the site or to share it with friend. By all means, take a look!!  After all, it is a site specifically for you!!!