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Glossary of Terms
Being Realistic (paper by S.Lamb)
Top-Down Modeling
Language: Real Object?
Analytical vs. Neurocognitive

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Categories in the Brain
Words in the Brain
Relational Networks
Language in the Brain
Syntax in the Brain

Top-Down Modeling Phases

Plausibility Requirements
Kinds of Evidence

Relational Networks

Network Activation Modeler
Compact and Narrow Notation
The Ordered 'And'
A Pun Travels the Pathways

The Learning Process

Learning Syntax
The Proximity Principle

Introducing the Brain

Types of Cortical Neurons
Neural Structure Predictions
Cortical Columns as Nodes
The Arcuate Fasciculus

Computer Modeling

Neurocognitive Linguistics Lab
Colin Harrison Dissertation

Tone Processing
Music Perception


Interviews with S. Lamb

Video Interview
Audio Interviews
Cheng 2000 (Text)

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