Words in English:
Structure, History, Use

LING 216
Prof. Suzanne Kemmer

Maps: Visual Aids for the History of England and English

List of maps of Britain from various centuries (The most relevant ones are selected and
linked in the proper order below, with others from elsewhere.)

Map: Germanic tribes arrive in England from the Continent, starting 410 a.d.

Origins of the Germanic migrants to England

England prior to Viking attacks and before rise of Wessex (700s)

Viking Invasions in Europe (800s and later)

England after rise of Wessex and after partition between Anglo-Saxons and Danes (800s)

The Danes take the whole thing: England under Canute, Scandinavian king (1014-1035)

Dominions of William I, Post-Conquest

Dictionaries of Earlier English

A Dictionary of Old English

Electronic Middle English Dictionary

Texts and Images from English History

The Lord's Prayer in English Through Time

Excerpt: Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

About the Bayeux Tapestry

View the Whole Bayeux Tapestry

Harold, King of the English

Canterbury Tales, First Page of Prologue

The Canterbury Tales, Digital Facsimile

Caxton, First Printed Book in English

The King James Bible: Source of common phrases in Modern English

William Shakespeare: His Dramatic and Linguistic Legacy