Words in English:
Structure, History, Use

Linguistics 216 (formerly 215)
Prof. Suzanne Kemmer

The page for the latest edition of the course is found at Ling 216 Fall 2016.

Words in English is a redesigned layout of course materials prepared by Suzanne Kemmer along with some links to student work and external sites (credit is indicated where material is not by Prof. Kemmer). The site can either be used as part of the Ling 216 course (accessed via the coursepage) or as a stand-alone resource on English Words and the English language. Site design is by James Jirtle.

The Rice University Neologisms Database, is under development. A version is accessible now at Neologisms.

Some neologisms collected by previous classes of Ling 216 are found at:

Neologisms, Fall 2003. Part of the redesigned Words in English site above.

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