Linguistics/Psychology 315/515
Prof. Suzanne Kemmer
Spring 2009

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Research in Cognitive Semantics

This page is intended as a place for me to put references to topics that come up in class, so students can look into the subject if they find it intriguing. Students are welcome to contribute references to semantics-related research they come across as well, both URLs and references to print publications.

Empirical Dream Research

In Ling/Psych 315/515 we will not talk about dreams because they are not a linguistic topic per se. But in one earlier class the issue of the cognition underlying dreams came up in the context of discussion of visual imagery and its relation to language, and I came across the following book reference and a useful review of the work.

Book reference: G. William Domhoff, 2003. The Scientific Study of Dreams: Neural Networks, Cognitive Development, and Content Analysis. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Review reference: Wamsley, E. J., & Antrobus, J. 2005. A new beginning for empirical dream research. American Journal of Psychology, 119(1), 129-135.

Link to review.

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