My name is Devin Jefferson. I'm am 12 years old and I go to The Rice School.I am in 7th grade and I take Algebra 1. I also am involved in many activities.I play for Dowling middle school because that is my zone school.I play point guard(I start.) and I am the captain. I played football for the South Main Mustangs I played quarterback, but '95 was my last year.

But right now in science we are working on a project,(a semester project) on any science related thing. So my partners and I decided to work on dna.We are a group of a few students that get to use special multimedia tools to do our project with. We get to talk to professors and take field trips ,that has to do with our subject.

We have so far reasearched genetics of DNA and gene splicing. Also we have researched the way DNA is used in our lives,and how it is used in criminal cases. We also have been printing out alot of infomation on our subject.