My name is Antony Passaro, I am 13 years old and in 7th grade. I go to The RICE School/La Escuela RICE. The 3 people in my group are all in 7th grade and we all agreed on our topic , which is DNA. I make average grades in school and try my best. I like Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Biking, and sometimes Rollerblading. My favorite sports are playing Basketball, Football and other various sports that I can not remember at the time. That is about all that I can think of about me.

Right now in our science class we have choosen a topic that has to do with the human body, which our group decided should be DNA. We then found and still are looking for information, on the net, in the library, and on T.V.. We have learned much about DNA, much more than we started out with. We still wish to learn more about our topic before we reach our half way point of our project.

The Internet has supplied us with most of our information about DNA that we now have. Because of the net most of our project is complete. We are considered to be a lucky group as well as a lucky school, to have so much access to net and computers. We hope to gain more info. on our topic and further acknowledge DNA in order for our science project to be complete.

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