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IMC Welcomes Joe Hafner of Riviana Foods

    The international management club was pleased to welcome Mr. Joseph Hafner, CEO of Riviana Foods.   Mr. Hafner has been the CEO of Riviana for over 20 years, and he serves on several company boards, including SYSCO and JP Morgan Chase.  He also has various international operations experiences in Latin America.  

    Mr. Hafner was able to speak to several students about his career, his company, and also offered a few words of wisdom for IMC members.  Students learned that Mr. Hafner learned international business the hard way:  working in countries such as Costa Rica, Argentina, and Spain during political turmoil.  Mr. Hafner gained survival skills and managerial skills that helped him steer his company successfully for over 20 years.

    Mr. Hafner was gracious to have students ask tough questions about business and his company's future.   Students had a very rare opportunity to have a very informal conversation with a CEO of a major food company in the US.   Students attending the Mr. Hafner's talk were treated to drinks and refreshments provided by the IMC. 



 Latest news

  • Joe Hafner's company, Riviana Foods, was recently bought by a Spanish food company, Ebro Puleva.

  • Learn more about the Greater Houston Partnership.  Go to for more information

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