Sponsored Fundraising Efforts


The Dollar Difference is a simple fundraiser which tries to get one dollar, no more and no less, from as many people as possible to fight third world poverty and hunger. The money raised goes to an organization called The Hunger Project, an organization dedicated to ending third world poverty and hunger by “empowering men and women to end their own hunger”. Learn more about The Hunger Project at thp.org. Last year, over 400 people at Rice contributed to this cause by donating their one dollar. For more information on how to get involved, email Stephen Haff at sbh2@rice.edu.


Help end health inequalities around the world by signing up to fundraise for Health Empowering Humanity (heh.org) and Partners In Health (pih.org) by selling the t-shirts pictured below. For more information e-mail Simone Elder (selder@rice.edu) or Lila Kerr (lila@rice.edu).