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Revised April 1997
Page last modified 9/14/2000

The Society of Fellows shall be an honorary service organization devoted to the advancement of the academic life of the college.  The Fellows as a group will establish and coordinate tutoring for members of the College in their various areas of competence.  The Fellows should also seek to host guest speakers, advise underclassmen on course selection and majors, and keep an up-to-date test file.  Contact with Societies at other colleges should also be fostered.

Whenever a Fellow leaves the society, a new Fellow should be chosen as a replacement.  The selection process should involve all active Fellows.  The Master will provide a list of the top 5% by GPA of college sophomores and juniors, along with their class and major.  The list will be unordered to preserve privacy.  Selection should seek to balance the Society by class and broaden it by major.  Potential Fellows should be judged on their willingness and ability to serve the community in a manner consistent with the purposes of the organization.  No Fellow should be admitted with a GPA below 3.5.  It is not advised that the number of Fellows ever significantly exceed 15, but the limited size should not unduly hinder an appropriate selection process.  The selection shall be overseen by the Vice Chairman in charge of Selection.

The Fellows Chair is chosen from among the Fellows by vote.  The Chair in turn will appoint as many Vice Chairs as he/she feels is necessary to conduct the business of the Society.  Suggested Vice Chairs include: Selection, Speakers, Tutorial, associates, and Test File.  The Chair can of course take any of these responsibilities personally.  The Chair should also offer his/her services to the College as Secretary of Academics.

The Master is advisor to the Society of Fellows.  Special entertainment should be provided for the Fellows from time to time in the form of dinner and study breaks.

Graduating Fellows are recognized at Associates Night and receive a certificate reflecting that they are upon graduation designated as Fellows Emeritus.  Graduating Fellows will have distinguishing insignia sewn onto their commencement stoles and will be recognized in the official commencement program.

Should gross negligence of duty require it, a Fellow can be removed from the Society by a unanimous vote of all other Fellows.  If a Fellow is removed from the Society, he/she shall not be allowed the privileges and honors afforded a Fellow in good standing.

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