The 12th Biennial Rice University Symposium on Language


Venue: Farnsworth Pavilion of the Ley Student Center
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Please download the papers on your own and try to read them beforehand.

*Morning session: 9am-12noon; Afternoon session: 1pm-5pm
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Thursday, March 27:

Morning session:
  • Opening remarks: T. Givón
  • Bernd Heine (Köln)
    "A grammaticalization perspective on the rise of syntactic complexity"
    [abstract] [paper]
  • Marianne Mithun (UC Santa Barbara)
    "Re(e)volving complexity: adding intonation"
    [abstract] [paper]
  • Matt Shibatani (Rice)
    "Elements of complex structures, where recursion isn't"
    [abstract] [paper]
Afternoon session:
Child Language
  • Holger Diessel (Jena)
    "The emergence of relative clauses in early child language"
    [abstract] [paper]
  • Cecilia Rojas (UNAM, Mexico)
    "'Starting small' processes in the acquisition of early relative clauses in Spanish"
    [abstract] [paper]
  • T. Givón (Oregon)
    "The acquisition of complex VPs: How children learn to negotiate fact and desire"
    [abstract] [paper1] [paper2]

Friday, March 28:

Morning session:
  • Guy Deutscher (Leiden)
    "Nominalization and the origin of subordination"
    [abstract] [paper]
  • Christian Koops (Rice University) and Martin Hilpert (ICSI Berkeley)
    "The co-evolution of syntactic and pragmatic complexity: Diachronic and cross-linguistic aspects of pseudoclefts"
    [abstract] [paper]
  • T. Givón (Oregon)
    "Toward a diachronic typology of relative clauses"
    [abstract] [paper1] [paper2]
Afternoon session:
  • Brian MacWhinney (Carnegie Mellon)
    "The emergence of linguistic complexity through catalysis and usage"
    [abstract] [paper]
  • Eric Pederson & Mitzi Barker (Oregon)
    "Syntactic complexity and coordination in a verbal production task"
    [abstract] [paper]
  • Diego Fernandez-Duque (Villa Nova)
    "Cognitive underpinning of syntactic complexity: A possible role for 'chunking'?"
    [abstract] [paper]

Saturday, March 29:

Morning session: Diachrony-III
  • Östen Dahl (Stockholm)
    "Two pathways of grammatical evolution"
    [abstract] [paper]
  • Andrew Pawley (Canberra)
    "On the origins of serial verb constructions in Kalam"
    [abstract] [paper]
  • Claire Bowern (Rice)
    "Defining complexity: Arguments from historical reconstruction"
    [abstract] [paper]
Afternoon session:
Biology and Evolution
  • Nathan Tublitz (Oregon)
    "Neural plasticity: A window into the complexity of the brain"
    [abstract] [paper]
  • Don Tucker (Oregon)
    "Neural mechanisms of the language process"
    [abstract] [paper]
  • Derek Bickerton (Hawaii)
    "How central is recursivity?"
    [abstract] [paper]

Poster sessions: Click here to download the abstracts.

  • Cecily Jill Duffield (University of Colorado at Boulder)
    Here’s a structure that’s not so simple: Revisiting the acquisition of relative clause constructions
  • Maritza Elena Enríquez Licón (El Colegio de México)
    Relative clauses in Isthmus Zapotec
  • Danielle Mathieu-Reeves (University of Oregon)
    Grammaticalization paths of auxiliary verb constructions: Iatmul & Yimas
  • Cassandra Pace (Rice University)
    Northern Vietnamese motion verbs and SVCs: complexity in semantic typology
  • Elena Skribnik (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
    South Siberian Turkic constructions with nominalizers and their further grammaticalization