Officers of 2014 - 2015

Hannah Chen
Jones College
Major(s): Bioengineering

Hey everyone! I'm Hannah, Co-pres this year with Miki. Previously, I've served on CSA as Advocacy Chair and as EVP. Basically, I love getting to help create opportunities at Rice to experience Asian culture, especially Chinese! We're lucky to be in a city with an awesome Chinatown, which we take full advantage of thanks to subsidized restaurant trips. But all the fun doesn't have to be off-campus; we bring it back to Rice as well with our study breaks, boba sales, and most of all our LNY showcase!

Zhi(Miki) Xing
McMurtry College
Major(s): Statistics and Economics

Co-Internal Vice President
Yichuan Lily Ma
Wiess College
Major(s): Chemical Engineering

As the IVP, Frank and I will be coordinating LNY show and the traditional festival study breaks. I am looking forward to seeing you at these events! Also, I am a foodie and care a lot about the quality of our snacks, so let us know if you have any preference for food/snacks/restaurants!

Co-Internal Vice President
Frank Chen
Hanszen College
Major(s): Computer Science, Chemistry

Belinda Liu
Class of 2017
Brown College
Major(s): Computer Science

As secretary, Belinda is the one to contact if you want to be on the CSA listserv. She sends emails about CSA events and opportunities. She really likes Chinese food and traditions. She also likes dancing, especially to JPop! Her free time is typically spent playing video games and watching anime. Also CS is cool.

Advocacy Chair
Mary Bao
McMurtry College
Major(s): Mechanical Engineering

Publicity Chair
Denise Zheng
Will Rice College
Major(s): Biological Sciences, English

Iker Wang
Martel College
Major(s): Mechanical Engineering

A bite of peppermint with a twist of chewing gum.

Adam Wang
Class of 2017
Baker College
Major(s): Computer Science

Adam loves playing board game. Message him if you want to put cool things on the website, or play board game.