"Integrated Nanoscience" 

Welcome to the home page of the pre-proposal for Rice's CNBE center.  In twenty years, we want nanoscience to have the far-reaching impact and broad commercial success we see today in polymer science.  To reach this goal, the ideas, materials and methods of nanoscience must be successfully applied to solve problems in a broad range of disciplines.  Our center will take a concrete step towards this future through the discovery and  development of  new nanomaterials for solving problems in disciplines not traditionally affiliated with nanoscience, namely biological and environmental engineering.

Here at Rice, we are uniquely positioned to contribute.  Our excellence and breadth in nanochemistry, and the experience of our growing bio-and environmental engineering programs make us ideally suited to exploit the synergy and breadth of a large center.

This site is intended to provide information for all Rice and non-Rice participants in the pre-proposal.  Here you will find some of the basic programs we are thinking about, and background about the NSE call for proposals.  Note a list of participants can be found here.