Participant List


  • Rick Smalley (director)
  • Kristen Kulinowski (outreach/ED)
  • Andy Barron
  • Vicki Colvin
  • Jim Tour
  • Gus Scuseria
  • Lon Wilson
  • Ron Parry
  • Seiichi Matsuda
Biology and Biochemistry
  • Yousif Shamoo
  • Kevin MacKenzie
  • Kathy Matthews
  • Jianpeng Ma
  • Tony Mikos
  • Bahman Anvari
Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering
  • Susanne Stemmer
Environmental Engineering
  • Joe Hughes
  • Mark Wiesner
** Several others TBA
Medical Centers
  • UT San Antonio Dental  School
  • UT Medical School

This is a tentative list only! We don't need to confirm this until we are invited for a full proposal.

Dr. Vicki Colvin/Dr. Kristen Kulinowski
MS60 Department of Chemistry, Rice University, Houston TX 77005