Distribution Functions of Energetic Flare Particles
Glasgow, Scotland,   March 24-26, 2004


Working Group Themes:
- Photon spectra and images -> radiation source (volume or line of sight
   integrated) particle distributions.
- Inversion and forward fitting approaches.
- Effects of method and cross section  and albedo.

Working group membership (click on the name for that person's abstract):

Calum Alexander  (calum@astro.gla.ac.uk)
John Brown  (john@astro.gla.ac.uk)
Gordon Emslie  (emslieg@uah.edu)
Gordon Holman  (holman@stars.gsfc.nasa.gov)
Christopher Johns-Krull  (chair, cmj@rice.edu)
Jana Kasparova  (kasparov@sunkl.asu.cas.cz)
Bob Lin  (rlin@ssl.berkeley.edu)
Anna Maria Massone  (massone@ge.infm.it)
Michele Piana  (piana@dima.unige.it)
Marco Prato  (prato@dima.unige.it)
Ed Schmahl  (schmahl@hessi.gsfc.nasa.gov)
V. Zharkova  (v.v.zharkova@brad.ac.uk)

Straw Program:

Notes: Last year and this year, we have a relatively small working group.  As a result, we were able last year to have very active discussions followed by periods of down time when we developed code, tried new models, and/or looked at new events.  I think this was a great success.  Therefore, I hope that we will be able to maintain this true workshop-like atmosphere durning this years meeting.  Programatically, this means we will have relatively few, truly formal presentations.  However, I do want to give each of you time to present your latest work and raise issues.  If you have not done so already, please email me to let me know if you would like to present something to the team and/or lead a discussion on a particular topic.  Based on the responses I have received so far to my earlier email and the abstracts each of you included in your response to Eduard, I have developed the straw plan given below.  The names given in parenthesis after each topic include folks that I currently think will want to present something on that subject.  If you feel your name should be somewhere it is not, or is somewhere you don't want it to be, please email me.  I will wait until closer to the workshop date to try and assign dates and times to the topics.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.

I. Bremsstrahlung cross-sections and additions to solar soft (Emslie, Johns-Krull)

II. Inverting photon spectra to recover electron spectra (Brown, Emslie, Johns-Krull, Lin, Kontar, Piana, Prato)

III. Forward-fitting and the use of models to look for specific X-ray diagnostics (Brown, Holman, Kasparova, Massone, Zharkova)

IV. Goodness of fit criteria for derived electron spectra (Emslie, Holman)

V. Effects of albedo (C. Alexander, Brown, Johns-Krull, Schmahl)

VI. Imaging and source sizes (C. Alexander, Brown, Khan, Schmahl, Vilmer)

VII. Methods to perform imaging spectroscopy (Lin, Schmahl)