Sorted by year, followed by last name

Name Department Year Laboratory Project
Lorenzo Aulisa Chemistry 4th Hartgerink Multidomain peptides
Dell Doyle Chemistry 4th Tour Nanotube functionalization
Varun Gauba Chemistry 4th Hartgerink Self-assembly: Collagen-like peptides
Arnab Mukherjee Chemistry 4th Billups Reductive alkylation of SWNTs
Ivana Peralta Chemistry 4th Wilson Medicinal C60
Hubert Phillips III MEMS 4th Barrera Reinforced composites
Erica Bryant Chemistry 3rd Colvin Antimicrobial properties of Silver NPs
Bishnu Khanal Chemistry 3rd Zubarev self-assembly and synthesis of nanomaterials
Arshad Sayyad Chemistry 3rd Ajayan Assembly and synthesis of NPs
Erica Bakota Chemistry 2nd Hartgerink Solubilizing SWNTs with peptides
Christopher Jones Chemistry 2nd Colvin Iron oxide NPs
Denise LeCrone Chemistry 2nd Colvin Protein-NP interactions
Alex Zaykov Chemistry 2nd Ball Dirhodium complexes with peptide ligands
Adam Colson Chemistry 1st Whitmire Transition metal nanomaterials
Aniway Lomeda Chemistry 1st Colvin Ag NP interaction with soil
Sophia Phounsavath Chemistry 1st Wilson Gold NPs
Lesley Russell Chemistry 1st Hartgerink Collagen-like nanofibers
Liane Slaughter Chemistry 1st Link Plasmons of rings of gold NPs
Lesa Tran Chemistry 1st Wilson Gadonanotubes as cellular MRI labels
Leonid Vidgerman Chemistry 1st Zubarev Au nanorod-peptide conjugation
Sean Walsh Chemistry 1st Whitmire Transition metal chalcogen nanomaterials
Richard Piggott Chemistry Wilson Gado-nanobarrels