Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of my exciting home page, simmers a powerful blend of computer hardware (Apple PowerBook G3/400 and Power Macintosh 9600/350 shown on the right), sophisticated software, and grotesque ineptness of the webmaster. Here are some tools that keep these pages from looking truly awful:
BBEdit BBEdit 6.1 editor from Bare Bones Software is the primary tool for HTML editing. Who needs WYSIWYG?
Frontier UserLand Frontier 7.0 object scripting environment is increasingly used here to automate site management.
Photoshop Adobe Photoshop 5.5 image editor is used to create and massage many spiffy images.
ImageReady Adobe ImageReady 2.0 image optimizer is used to make the abovementioned images surprisingly tiny.
Illustrator Adobe Illustrator 10.0 drawing program is used to produce illustrations in many of the documents.
OzTeX OzTeX 5.0 implementation of LaTeX typesetting system for Macintosh from Andrew Trevorrov is used to typeset equation-heavy documents.
Distiller Adobe Distiller 5.0 is then used to convert Postscript output from OzTeX into PDF format.
CodeWarrior Metrowerks CodeWarrior 6.0 serves as development environment for Java applets (ok, ok - just one applet at the moment).
NetClone NetClone FTP mirroring utility from Progmatics was used to synchronize the local HTML sources and images with the Rice Unix servers.
LinkChecker HTML LinkChecker from Carl Bäckström was used to check periodically for dead links.
This page is a bit out of date... The computers were long since upgraded, software replaced with Mac OS X versions, but the spirit is still the same.

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